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Jointing Coldshrink 3M is an Electrical Accessories which is a cable connection, cable termination and cable waiver.

The 3x240 / 300 Jointing Coldshrink technology replaces the heat shrink as a standard specification for cable, cable, and LV-HV cable wiring in the global industry and construction.

Jointing Coldshrink 3M 3X240 / 300 serves as a cable termination and cable dislodging equipment, offering faster installation, safer and simpler without the hassle of no needle ignition equipment required with 3m Cold Shrink Joint.

Jointing 3M Coldshrink Bringing security and service with no danger connected.Jointing 3m Coldshrink 3x240 / 300. Allow immediate restoration of power during work, unplanned shutdown or planned closure. There are no delays or cooling associated with resin or heatshrink cabling arrangements.

Jointing Coldshrink 3M is easier to install than Heatshrink tubing, without the need for a tubing tool and without the need for special tools. Basically a cold shrink tube is an open rubber sleeve, made mainly of rubber elastoners with high performance physical properties, which have been expanded or stretched and in plug into a removable plastic core.

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